THE RAD BLACK KIDS Italian Hunting Pants Mens Small Black

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These are the masterpiece of this collection. 

Took the concept of cargo pants, and deconstructed them as an idea for our 2020 lives from home. Elastic waist band, heavyweight pique material fabric (feels a bit stretchy, but comfortable). A long, embroidered waist band, and a bunch of pockets.

350 GSM Pique Fabric
2 Pork Chop Pockets
1 Cellphone Pocket
1 Rear Pocket
2 Cargo Pockets
1 Pocket on Bottom Left Leg
2 Read Pockets

Cord is Pique with Embroidery
Elastic Waistband
Pigment Garment Wash
100% Cotton

Inseam: 30"

msrp: 190$

Made in Portugal
Product Type: Small

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